Monday, February 9, 2009

Show Review: The Muslims at The Casbah

It was rough getting my ass out of my warm house to brave the cold and rain. I don't even own an umbrella or a rain coat. Well I do have a novelty rice paper umbrella but I have a feeling it would melt in the rain...Either way I knew I wouldn't get a chance to see The Muslims play for awhile, they are going on a huge international tour and won't be back home till sometime after March (btw, no one calls them by their new name The Soft Pack. That name is gay and is the opposite of how they sound). I also had already bought tickets and had a friend who pooped out 30 minutes before leave time on an already small crew of 3.

Also, I fucking love The Muslims.

The show being at The Casbah I knew I might have to deal with both a soaked and miserable patio experience and an equally miserable audience. For some reason or other no one dances there unless it's one of those magical nights where the door guy makes at least 10 people remove the sticks from their asses before heading to see the show. This was one of those nights. We found some friends in the sea of strangers. Strangers, who knew, usually Muslims nights are a virtual Who's Who of the god damn "200 People You Will Always See Out in San Diego." Their fan base is growing and extensive and I think it's a healthy sign of growth. The music start and I had to immediately start dancing and I can't even blame it on the tequila OJ's I had downed. They sounded so tight and crisp, the sound guy was on it and even more so, THEY were on it. I doesn't hurt that every song on their first album is made to move, catchy and dynamic. Every song they played was a hit and their new songs struck home as uniquely Muslims sounding but very different from the prior album, hard to do. At first there were only 7 or so people dancing but by the middle of the somewhat short set there was a mild mosh pit pushing and swaying the squares to the back of the room. I closed my eyes and danced my ASS OFF!! How could I not? Their drummer makes sure no beat is left unfelt and the boys were rocking out. Hell, sometimes when it's raining in San Diego and your favorite band is playing you just gotta free up some cajones power and get DOWN.

Word up to the 25 or so people that partied and turned the Casbah back into the punk party powerhouse it used to be. The second to the last song they played was Nightlife which is one of my fav tracks from the first album. They need to stop playing it though until they can do justice to it live, kill it the way it sounds on the album. They drop it down an octave and add in a sloppy bass line. It makes the lively and upbeat song (about the fucking Nightlife after all) sound dour and lazy. But that's probably why the INSANE show closer went off. My new all time favorite Muslims song, Parasite was played in all it's glory, crowed surfing even ensued! This song is just out of control people, hard to describe the many amounts of layers of old school rock and roll and post punkness electrifying this song. Fucking A man, that show went OFF and I'm glad I caught it because it will be awhile till theyre back. Make sure and don't miss the next one because if they keep up the fire they had at The Casbah on their international tour they might be selling out bigger venues and seeing a gnarly dance section up front!!

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