Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On This Day in History: Miami drive-in debuts

Miami's first drive-in movie theater opened on this day. Invented in 1933 by Richard Hollingshead, the first drive-in debuted on Crescent Boulevard in Camden New, Jersey. Admission was 25¢ per car and 25¢ per individual, with no car paying more than $1.00. Hollingshead received a patent for his idea in 1933, but it was later repealed in 1939. Without a patent to hinder them, copycats began opening up drive-ins all across the country. By 1938, most metropolitan areas had drive-in theaters. The drive-in craze would reach its peak in 1963 when 3,502 theaters were in operation across the country.

Drive In Theaters In San Diego

South Bay


Cinema Under The Stars
in Mission Hills (Not a drive in but a cool outdoor theater!)

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