Thursday, February 5, 2009

JACK'S Bitter Heart's Ball at Pala Casino!

I'm a self-established single girl and I LOVE Valentines Day, can't believe it's still cool to hate on a day that celebrates love (and celebrates both the cheesy stuffed animal and gas station florist industries). But whatever, not every person is single by choice. Both sides of the coin will probably have a good time at this event! You can get a pair of free tickets by signing up for Jack's Club!! It's pretty far away from Downtown but it's something different and might just renew your belief in all that is good about Valentine's Day, you might also meet someone too!!


If you're...jaded, single, have three cats, drink wine out of a box, love buffets, and think you're funny...

Get there early (like around 6:30p) for speed dating from 7 Minute Connection and black carnations for the ladies while they last.

We'll also be debuting JACK's REALLY LIVE chat on the big screen, and if you really hate Valentines day you can bring pics of your ex because we'll have shredders on site.

Sarah's Smash Shack we'll be there with a booth to smash things in...just in case the shredders aren't enough.

And last but not least...a Journey cover band... called Journey Arrival goes onstage at 8pm.

There's two ways to get tickets...Listen all week for your chance win the special tickets to get in the door before anybody else. Or, check out JACK's Club .

So if you're not jaded, married, have a reasonable amount of cats, drink wine out of a glass, hate buffets and you're not funny...see ya there!

"For hotel and spa reservations at Pala Casino Spa & 1 877 725 2766"

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