Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Mexico?

1. It's inexpensive to travel, eat, lodge and have fun. A small amount of money will go a long way and you can do more and stay longer on a tighter budget.
2. Incredibly diverse and gorgeous nature (waterfalls, lagoons, deserts, Caribbean and Pacific beaches, jungles, snowy mountains, pine forests, canyons, rivers and more)
3. Rich history (Ruins of the Mayan, Aztec and many more civilizations, one of the most lauded archialogical museums in the world, music and art history that will blow your mind (think Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera))
4. They party till 5 AM!
5. Delicious food and and a whole other level of fine tequila and mescal
6. A fun, friendly and helpful people and culture, I felt safe my entire trip as a single American woman traveling alone
7. Mardi Gras Parties are renowned here
10. It's about time you figure out all the hub bub over the "Latin Lover"

Finally, It Begins!!

Holy Shit, I last posted on February 23rd that I'd be posting about the continuation of my trip. Welp, 4/20 is tomorrow....needless to say I was a little busy, that must have been right around my time in Lago Atitlan, you'll hear more about that. After Guatemala there was my sisters wedding in Cancun, a trip to San Diego to visit friends and a trip to Vancouver, B.C. before moving into my Aunt and Uncles big Seattle home where I now reside and write to you from. I'm going to start from the very beginning....