Friday, October 30, 2009


Have a safe, fun Halloween whatever you do! There are house parties, street parties, bar parties, and other parties galore. Critical Mass takes off tonite and I heard Nightmare on Normal Street is fun! Get drunk, slap on some 80's clothes (if you don't have an idea what to wear) and have a blast! It's the one time of year dress up is seriously and heartily encouraged. Nobody likes a person that shows up to a Halloween parties NOT dressed up!

Check Out Halloween Events Here!!

Most Fun Sounding Halloween Related Event!

I can only imagine the hilarious horror of this brunch!!


This is the name of a store where you frame your own pictures. This store name makes me laugh. I can just heard some sassy valley girl in the store refusing to help and saying "Frame it yourself!!"

He's Got Mad Game: 112-Year-Old Man Marries Teenager

A Somali Man who says he is 112 years old, married a 17-year-old this week. "Today God helped me realize my dream," said Ahmed Muhamed Dhore, who says he was born in 1897. He already has 13 children by five wives, but insists he wants more from his youngest. "I didn't force her, but used my experience to convince her of my love, and then we agreed to marry," Dhore, whose oldest son is 80, said.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spike Jonze Bitchslaps Kanye West!

Wish we all had the chance, Go Spike!

Behind the Scenes With Kanye from We Love You So on Vimeo.

On Monogamy...

"It's realistic that some people can mate for life in the same sense that some people can play the Beethoven violin concerto or other people can ice-skate beautifully or learn a new language," said psychiatrist Judith Eve Lipton.

Added evolutionary biologist David Barash, "It's within the realm of human potential, but it's not easy."


In texts, instant messaging, e-mail etc. the use of lol was grown exponentially to the point where you were rarely LITERALLY laughing out loud when you use the acronym. It's inserted more to let the receiver know that you are joking around, being lighthearted, or to pad any super sexy or super awkward suggestions (Wanna come over and get freaky lol?) See, it makes it way more light. So I suggest if you are LITERALLY laughing out loud that we all now use llol. It's nice to know when someone really does get a kick outta what your texting/IMming/e-mailing.

Can an Algorithm Predict a Musical Hit?

Can an algorithm predict hits? The Music Intelligence Solutions' Hit Song Science technology suggests yes. The program analyses popular songs for rhythm, harmony, and underlying patterns, and enters this information into a matrix where it's compared against old successful tracks. If a song scores higher than a seven, it's considered a possible hit. So far, the program has been accurate 80 percent of the time—the music industry has only a 10 percent success rate in predicting future singles—and has correctly identified previous chart toppers, including Outkast's "Hey Ya!" "The songs that score the best include a certain amount of unpredictability in the music," Music Intelligence Solutions CEO David Meredith said.

I Called It....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


IT OPENS TODAY!!!!!!! As a resident of San Diego the hype isn't as big as it is around the world. I'm hoping to head up to LA to see where dance, music, and MJ lovers abound. I love you Michael!!!!!

The movie has already gotten great reviews and is enjoying a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes which is awesome. Most fans and reviewers agree is a really powerful, behind the scenes look into the world's greatest performer and what might have been one of the best live shows MJ ever did.

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that... Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning this summer in London's O2 Arena. Chronicling the months from April through June, 2009, the film is produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show. Audiences will be given a privileged and private look at Jackson as he has never been seen before. In raw and candid detail, Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT captures the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius and great artist at work as he creates and perfects his final show.

High Speed Train Forum

I have free tickets!! E-mail the blog if you want some!!

On This Day In History: Gateway Arch completed

On this day in 1965, construction is completed on the Gateway Arch, a spectacular 630-foot-high parabola of stainless steel marking the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial on the waterfront of St. Louis, Missouri.
The Gateway Arch, designed by Finnish-born, American-educated architect Eero Saarinen, was erected to commemorate President Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and to celebrate St. Louis' central role in the rapid westward expansion that followed. As the market and supply point for fur traders and explorers--including the famous Meriwether Lewis and William Clark--the town of St. Louis grew exponentially after the War of 1812, when great numbers of people began to travel by wagon train to seek their fortunes west of the Mississippi River.
In 1947-48, Saarinen won a nationwide competition to design a monument honoring the spirit of the western pioneers. In a sad twist of fate, the architect died of a brain tumor in 1961 and did not live to see the construction of his now-famous arch, which began in February 1963. Completed in October 1965, the Gateway Arch cost less than $15 million to build. With foundations sunk 60 feet into the ground, its frame of stressed stainless steel is built to withstand both earthquakes and high winds. An internal tram system takes visitors to the top, where on a clear day they can see up to 30 miles across the winding Mississippi and to the Great Plains to the west.
In addition to the Gateway Arch, the Jefferson Expansion Memorial includes the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Old Courthouse of St. Louis, where two of the famous Dred Scott slavery cases were heard in the 1860s. Today, some 4 million people visit the park each year to wander its nearly 100 acres, soak up some history and take in the breathtaking views from Saarinen's gleaming arch.

Fuck You, signed, A. Schwarzenegger

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger often attaches letters to his vetoes explaining his decision. But when the governor rejected a piece of legislation from a Democratic assemblyman from San Francisco who had publicly heckled Schwarzenegger at a recent event, the governor's note seemed to have a hidden message inside it. By joining together the first letter of each line on the left side of the message, it reads: "Fuck You," or perhaps even "I Fuck You." The Los Angeles Times notes that Schwarzenegger is a known prankster and that it was issued four days after the Democratic lawmaker yelled at Schwarzenegger in public using his own obscenities. The nondenial denial from the governor's spokesman seems to say it all: "My goodness, what a coincidence that it would say something along the left-hand margin."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GLEE: I fucking love it

It's HILARIOUS and really quirky. You might think it's an hour long musical but it's not. There are 1-2, maybe 3 short (30 second) musical numbers and I kid you not they are not cheezy. The vocals are stellar, the arrangements very very well done, it's a joy when the music starts. It's just a fucking joy through the whole hour. It's sort of like making fun of High School musical, the jokes are so damn quick and funny. The gay character is really well done, hey gotta have one in Glee Club right!? You will love it, give it a shot!

One of the best parts, America's Favorite Character Actress: Jane Lynch!!

Your Bodies Biggest Enemy: Sitting All Day

"Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to do one thing: move," says James Levine,M.D., Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and author of Move a Little, Lose a Lot. "As human beings, we evolved to stand upright. For thousands of generations, our environment demanded nearly constant physical activity."

But thanks to technological advances, the Internet, and an increasingly longer work week, that environment has disappeared. "Electronic living has all but sapped every flicker of activity from our daily lives," Levine says. You can shop, pay bills, make a living, and with Twitter and Facebook, even catch up with friends without so much as standing up. And the consequences of all that easy living are profound.

Read More About How Sitting So Much Will Kill You and Ways to Save Yourself
at Women's Health

Kids Turning into TV Zombies

Kids watch more than a day of TV each week
The amount of television watched by children reached an eight-year high, according to figures released by Nielsen yesterday. The analysis based on 2008 figures reported the time spent watching live and recorded television, as well as movies and gaming systems. When added all up, children ages 6 to 11 spend more than 28 hours in front of a television every week. As could be expected, the increase is because of an increase in programming for children, but analysts also say that the ease with which children can watch shows on demand now also has an effect since they often like to watch their favorite programs over and over again. "When I was a kid, I had Saturday morning cartoons," Nielsen's senior vice president of insights, analysis, and policy said. "And now there are programs they want to watch available to them whenever they want to watch them."

Read the Rest at the LA Times

Ex-Prez Bush is now a Motivational Speaker....

Right after the crowd at the "Get Motivated!" seminar danced to the Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA," they got to see former President George W. Bush talk for 28 minutes. What did he talk about? Well, he didn't "appear to have an overarching theme," notes the Washington Post, rather he brought together a few stories, such as talking about how he picked a rug design for the Oval Office, and frequently mentioning his faith in God. "I can tell you that one of the most amazing surprises of the presidency was the fact that people's prayers affected me," he said. "I can't prove it to you. But I can tell you some days were great, some days not so great. But every day was joyous." He is likely to start giving more speeches now that he's joined the Washington Speakers Bureau. Participants in the seminar all seemed to like the speech, even if they also noted he wasn't the best speaker in the series. One even said that perhaps Bush could be better at motivational speaking than at the presidency. When he misspeaks, it sounds "incompetent if you are president," said a 25-year-old salesman. "But here it can be inspiring. It makes him seem like a regular guy, no better than me."

Monday, October 26, 2009


Where are all the good parties at!?!?! I have NO idea. I'm also in a quandary. My friend and I want to be Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the VMA's and do sort of a performance piece that is hilarious. Only problem is, Halloween in San Diego is only an excuse for girls to wear as little as possible and act like total whores without being called sluts (and they already test the limits every time they go out!). I'd have to dress up as Kanye West and I don't want to look butch all night but I looooove a funny costume idea. What to do, what to do...I guess my first problem is even finding a damn place to party! I don't want to do some unorginal downtown ho fest. I want some awesome 50-75 person legit party where EVERYONE is dressed up in a great costume, not store bought and having a blast. And it's sexy and boozy and people DANCE! Let me know if you know of anything...

Hula Hooping, Fun, Hot, Burns Calories!

I learned how to hula hoop while at a BBQ in Balboa Park this weekend and I am fucking hooked!! I was taught by a lady who gives lessons and is certified so she was mesmerizing us with her talent, moving the hoop from limp to limp and up and down her body. It was sexy and it looked like a lot of fun but I have NEVER been able to hula hoop. Turns out with the right direction I was a natural! It was so much fun and I noticed after 20 minutes or so I was slightly winded and breaking out in a sweat! And I work out! Today my abs are aching, in a good way and I'm excited to start learning new tricks and moves. If you are looking for a new workout or challenge or need a fun way to get motivated toward a hot body or sexy hobby (lol) then check out hula hooping! Michelle Obama does it!!


San Diego Hula Hooping Meetup

What I know about men, by Dita Von Teese

NOTE: I adore Dita Von Teese, she is sexy without being slutty, glamorous without being over the top. She was married to intellectual rocker Marilyn Manson for a time but what I know her for best is being the one of the most interesting women alive today. A great article of her's is below.

I've been performing striptease a long time, and I've lost a few men along the way who were afraid or intimidated by what I did. They couldn't cope with other people watching me. There have been a few who couldn't make it past the first performance. I can't see them in the audience when I have the spotlight shining in my eyes, but afterwards I always recognise whether they have the confidence to be with a woman like me.

I have given a lot of men a hard time in my life. My first love was when I was 15. He was slightly embarrassed to be seen with me sometimes, because I really liked dressing up, and it was hard for a 16-year-old lifeguard walking hand-in-hand with a girl with a blonde beehive and red lips. But we were very much in love. I wore stockings and garter belts, and he must have thought that this was just what girls wore, what girls did. I wonder sometimes how that's shaped him. I got really experimental with my hair and make-up when I was 19, going out with my second boyfriend. I was influenced by Marlene Dietrich, I wore men's tuxedos, and I dyed my hair black. He freaked out. Throughout my life, men have always fought my eccentric looks, I must be very clear on that.

I grew up watching Forties movies with my mother in Michigan, looking at the stars and being completely fascinated by the way they were painted up to be like glamorous cartoon characters. Glamour is a difficult thing to define, which is what makes it interesting. For me it's about being different from everyone else. I've always been very shy, and I was able to be more bold with the way that I look than the way that I acted with people.

I admire men who have a personal style that doesn't change or falter depending on what I'm wearing, because in relationship after relationship I find that men change to accommodate the way I dress. But I like someone who's comfortable in their own style. I'm just as happy with the guy in a polo shirt as with the guy in a suit.

I wish I knew what men wanted. They seem to love an independent woman until they lose control of her. I went through a short period of having relationships with women, but it was more about my retaliation against a boyfriend whose attention I couldn't keep. It was complicated. I realised I wasn't cut out for it. I never had posters of famous men on my wall - I had pictures of ballerinas and women I wanted to be like. All my friends were in love with Johnny Depp, and I never got it until I met him, and realised he was the most fascinating man on the face of the planet. Sure, he's dashing, but he, and George Clooney, too, both have that old-fashioned glamour of a man like Rudolph Valentino.

I don't claim to be a good judge of character in relationships. I get so nervous when I'm attracted to someone that I can't talk. I'm so scared of rejection - I'm not good around boys. But I'm single for the first time now, and allowing men to bring me a lot of pleasure. Whenever I'm in a relationship I am blind to everyone else in the world, and all the chapters in my life are defined by my relationships. With my marriage [to rocker Marilyn Manson, which ended after a year, in 2007], I believe that everything happened for a reason, and I don't think I had the power to change anything. I did my very best.

I started thinking, recently, about everyone's quests for the happily-ever-after, and I related it to my idols. None of them, I realised, had just one important relationship. They all had many great loves, and that made me more accepting of my relationship defeats and failures.


When you see the word unicorn it seems to perfectly fit the mythical animal, which has one horn. Then you realize it's not uniHORN. It's uniCORN. And that's where things stop making sense with this name.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Because a Dog in a Costume is Hilarious

Sunday October 25
Dusty Rhodes Park – West Side
(Sunset Cliffs Blvd. at Nimitz Blvd.)

It’s a free party for the dog-loving community
featuring games, costume prizes, and a doggie costume parade
plus food and a street fair with goodies for pets and people.

Lots of prizes for dogs and their humans!
Prize categories can be: whimsical, scariest, funniest, cutest, ugliest, biggest, smallest, most medium-sized, best surfer, most OB-like, dog/owner look-alikes, and so on.

Street fair and canine carnival from 10 am to 4 pm
Dog registration available from 11 AM to 1 PM
Judging throughout the day until end of parade
Parade begin around 1 PM
Prizes awarded around 2:30 PM
Special gift bag for all registrants!

Admission to the canine carnival is free,
but dogs must register to take part in the contest/parade.
$5 per dog for single dogs, $8 for groups or floats

For information call 619-225-8705, or e-mail


Waaay easier scrambled eggs in 3 Steps!

I like scrambled eggs but those buggers make a freaking mess of pots and pans, check out this way easier way to do it. I can even have eggs and toast at the office if I'm running late!

1. Break however many eggs you want in a microwave safe bowl

2. Add a tablespoon of water or milk if you want it and wisk eggs (aka stir till blended)

3. Microwave on high for 40 seconds, take them out and stir them, if they aren't done, nuke em for another 20 seconds until you have them how you want them.

Salt and pepper to taste, add salsa, mushrooms, cheese, green onions, whatever, and enjoy!!

A post-coital cigarette can be hot

Even if you don't smoke I feel like when a girl or guy offers you a drag of their cigarette after you've just had sex for the first time you should take a drag, just to be polite. It sort of sucks to hear "Um, no I don't smoke..." right after you bone and smoking in bed after sex is hot and Europeanesque. Just go with it, don't inhale if you don't want, just enjoy the moment and take one for the team. Round 2 will be hotter, guaranteed. (And you can't taste cig breath if YOU have cig breath). You can tell them you don't smoke at the post sex meal and then you won't get offered it again. Accepting that one time just lets em know that you're no prude. Yea cigs have harmful affects but god damnit smoking looks cool, it just does....

WTF: Boyle Beats Bono At Amazon

There's a new record holder for the largest CD pre-order ever on's Music Store -- and she beat the likes of Norah Jones, U2, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay.

It's Susan Boyle.

She's the woman who wowed the world on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent.

Her album, "I Dreamed A Dream," doesn't come out until November 23rd, but Amazon says the response for pre-orders is "unprecedented."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WHY? Tonite at UCSD's The Loft, a Do Not Miss!!

Thursday, October 22/ 10:30 PM
The Loft

Regular: $12
UCSD Student: $10

For tickets call 858.534.TIXS (M-F,10am-4pm) or buy HERE


WHY? is also a trio of handsome Cincinnati- born men who fiddle with skins, strings, bells and microphones and present their findings to the listening public. Singer Yoni Wolf grew up the second son to an art book editor and a rabbi. He got his start recording bad poems and sloppy beats on the family synagogue’s 4-track. In junior high he discovered hip-hop. At art school, he learned how to drop out. Yoni’s brother Josiah played drums at Rabbi Wolf’s worship service as a kid, became a band geek as a teen, and fell in love with Thelonious Monk on his way to study music at University of Cincinnati. Doug McDiarmid would eventually get expelled from that same school for carrying a stun gun, but first he was raised by two French teachers and taught piano while in kindergarten.

He also went to high school with the Wolfs, where he played in Steve Miller cover bands. In various permutations together and with other now-notables (i.e. Doseone, Odd Nosdam, Mr. Dibbs, Atmosphere’s Slug), these three created and/or contributed to several freewheeling rap and lo-fi rock-related projects including Greenthink, Miss Ohio’s Nameless, Reaching Quiet, and the seminal cLOUDDEAD outfit. Their wildest dreams were achieved when they relocated to Oakland to make pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop.

Famous Polyamorous Couple: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre

Simone De Beauvoir, whose private life came to be admired nearly as much as her work, chose to never marry and did not set up a joint household with Sartre with whom she had a lifelong relationship.She did not ever bear a child. This gave her time to earn an advanced academic degree, to join political causes and to travel, write, teach, and to take lovers.

Pretty much this woman is my idol and a picture of what some women who choose to live a child-free life can achieve. Some women are meant to raise children, be wonderful mothers and be the backbone of a family committed to raising their offspring into adults that positively affect the future. This is their passion and it is what they want to do with their life and I support ANYONE who pursues what they feel they are supposed to be doing with their life, be it raise a family or join political causes, seek higher knowledge, travel, teach, WHATEVER!

Corresponding philosophy from Jean Paul Sarte: Sartre advanced the philosophy of existentialism, arguing that each individual must create meaning for his or her own life, because life itself had no innate meaning.

Life doesn't have to be what our parents, teachers, county, government tell is has to be, they aren't US so why should they decide who we choose to live LIFE, I mean we only have ONE shot at this right???? There is no meaning to life except the one that YOU give it, start figuring out what life means for YOU and only you.

Read The Guardian Article on Simone de Beauvoir "
'Our relationship was the greatest achievement of my life'

"We were two of a kind, and our relationship would endure as long as we did: but it could not make up entirely for the fleeting riches to be had from encounters with different people."

Were My Jams Used To Torture?

I'm pretty sure the most extreme cases involved Eminem and Savage Garden...

Read More At The Washington Post:

Dozens of musicians, including members of Pearl Jam and R.E.M., have joined a Freedom of Information request that is seeking to declassify all records about what music was played during interrogations. They also protested the use of music as torture. Musicians are speaking out as part of a new campaign to pressure the White House to close Guantanamo. The White House insists music isn't used as part of interrogation techniques, but human rights activists hope that using high-profile musicians to spread the message will shed light on the practice and prevent it from being used in the future. The use of loud music on prisoners violates the U.N. Convention Against Torture, and it was a tool that was often applied on terrorism suspects. According to an NYU music professor who has interviewed several former detainees, the music that was most often played was heavy metal, rap, and country.

Starving Africans ooooorrrr Afghan War?

Such hard decisions these days.....

One person in 10 lives off emergency rations in Kenya, where close to 4 million people are close to starvation. As a whole, as many as 23 million people are on the brink of starvation across East Africa, the worst in at least a decade. Rains arrived last week, but it was too late for most, and now there are worries of flooding, cholera, and malaria. Cattle are dying in droves, and armed struggles over water and food are increasing. Kenya's famous wildlife reserves are littered with carcasses. Although drought is nothing new in that part of the world, it is now occurring much more frequently, a trend that many are attributing to climate change.

Read More At The London Times

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Want To Have More Sex? Do More Chores

A new study shows that for both husbands and wives, there is a link between doing more housework and having more fun between the sheets. That's not to say that watching your spouse do housework is necessarily a turn-on, but rather that the type of couples who make it a priority are also more likely to do the same with sex. Couples also say that doing housework represents a willingness to do things for their spouses and invest in shared interests.

Read the Rest at The Wall Street Journal

The Odd Couple

Ukrainian born beautiful actress Mila Kunis and America's most successful (and slightly tragic) child star Macaulay Culkin have been dating since 2002. I don't know why that's so hard to believe. It just is.

On This Day in History: Guggenheim Museum opens in New York City

IT'S THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY!! For all you lucky NYC dwellers head over for FREE day at the Museum, check out the celebration events HERE!

On this day in 1959, on New York City's Fifth Avenue, thousands of people line up outside a bizarrely shaped white concrete building that resembled a giant upside-down cupcake. It was opening day at the new Guggenheim Museum, home to one of the world's top collections of contemporary art.

Mining tycoon Solomon R. Guggenheim began collecting art seriously when he retired in the 1930s. With the help of Hilla Rebay, a German baroness and artist, Guggenheim displayed his purchases for the first time in 1939 in a former car showroom in New York. Within a few years, the collection--including works by Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Marc Chagall--had outgrown the small space. In 1943, Rebay contacted architect Frank Lloyd Wright and asked him to take on the work of designing not just a museum, but a "temple of spirit," where people would learn to see art in a new way.

Over the next 16 years, until his death six months before the museum opened, Wright worked to bring his unique vision to life. To Wright's fans, the museum that opened on October 21, 1959, was a work of art in itself. Inside, a long ramp spiraled upwards for a total of a quarter-mile around a large central rotunda, topped by a domed glass ceiling. Reflecting Wright's love of nature, the 50,000-meter space resembled a giant seashell, with each room opening fluidly into the next.

Wright's groundbreaking design drew criticism as well as admiration. Some felt the oddly-shaped building didn't complement the artwork. They complained the museum was less about art and more about Frank Lloyd Wright. On the flip side, many others thought the architect had achieved his goal: a museum where building and art work together to create "an uninterrupted, beautiful symphony."

Located on New York's impressive Museum Mile, at the edge of Central Park, the Guggenheim has become one of the city's most popular attractions. In 1993, the original building was renovated and expanded to create even more exhibition space. Today, Wright's creation continues to inspire awe, as well as odd comparisons--a Jello mold! a washing machine! a pile of twisted ribbon!--for many of the 900,000-plus visitors who visit the Guggenheim each year.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suicide Attempt Closes the I-5

California Highway Patrol has issued a SigAlert and closed down all lanes of Interstate 5 in both directions at the Pershing Drive S-curve in Golden Hill. Commuters are advised to take alternative routes. Police are trying to talk down a woman spotted on a pedestrian bridge who is considering throwing herself off the freeway overpass.

The freeway closed at 1:40 this morning. by 8:30, traffic no northbound I-5 was backed up all the way to highway 163, with two lanes open. CHP has now closed the remaining lanes.

10 things that I hate about Vince these days

From Slate Blog:
When Swingers came out in 1996, the LAT's Betsy Sharkey "fell hard" for the promise of Vince Vaugh. His future seemed full of possibilities, but after 13 years and 30 movies Vaughn "has gone from intriguing to repetitive." Sure, his latest, Couples Retreat, may have made $63 million in its first two weeks, but that will only make things worse since "Hollywood has a bad habit of confusing money with quality." Sharkey lists 10 things that she hates "about Vince these days," including, "he's gotten lazy," "he's afraid to be the bad guy," and "he's started taking us for granted."

at The LA Times

30 Rock's Kenneth is Bobby Jindal!

If you watch 30 Rock's page Kenneth Parcel and you've seen the speeches by GOP Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal then you know that he is DEFINITELY channeling him. He even admitted it on The Jimmy Fallon show. Jack McBrayer who plays Parcel has fashioned his character into a dim religious fanatic southerner with a penchant for too-large suits and odd religious habits...

Can Open Relationships Work?

Married couples, dating couples, every couple that isn't in the first 6 months seems miserable (except yours of course!). Some just seem plain bored, or just...complacent. Is monogamy the best way to achieve relationship bliss? Should we be expected find all the things that we love about a partner in ONE person? Or should we be expected to make concessions and compromises to find the person with the least worst qualities? In an age where half of all marriages end and 55% of people will cheat in a relationships, what can we learn from the current model of how we are told relationships can work? I'm a person that believes open relationships CAN work as long as there is great communication and a mutual respect for your partners. What do you think? Read more about it below:

Don't ask, don't tell relationships, read about them on Nerve Blog


The Ethical Slut Book

Monday, October 19, 2009


YUMMY! It's pays to reviews people!! Yelpers are people who reviews ANYTHING on master review site Yelp (if you don't know it you are missing out on a slice of heaven). You can get a delicious Burger Lounge Burger TODAY (Oct 19th) from 6-9pm if you are a Yelper. You must RSVP to w/ your Yelp user name & location you will be going to!!


Burger Lounge On Yelp
Burger Lounge Website

Maldives' Cabinet Meets Under the Sea

The Maldives' Cabinet members eschewed suits in favor of scuba gear Saturday, as the ministers of the tiny island nation held the world's first underwater Cabinet meeting. And they weren't just there to splash around—sitting at a table on the ocean floor, they communicated with hand gestures and then proceeded to sign a document calling on all nations to cut carbon emissions, pronto. The threats of global warming are more immediate to the residents of the Maldives than just about anyone else in the world. The nation's islands sit an average of just 7 feet above sea level, so even a slight melting of the polar ice caps could swamp their homes.

President Mohammed Nasheed has become a leading proponent of quick action to reduce global warming, and he has pledged to make the Maldives the first carbon-neutral nation in the world within the next decade. But if that isn't enough to stem the tide, his backup plan is in real estate: Nasheed announced that he's going to start a fund to purchase new land for the nation's 350,000 people in case the Maldives get submerged.

The Story of the Man Behind The DeLorean

Maverick automobile executive John DeLorean is arrested in a Los Angeles, California, airport motel with a briefcase containing $24 million dollars worth of cocaine on this day in 1982. According to authorities, DeLorean was attempting to make a mammoth drug deal in order to rescue his financially ailing company, the DeLorean Motor Company.

As a young man, John DeLorean worked in the engineering department of Pontiac, where he developed the classic muscle car of the 1960s, the GTO. He moved on to become the youngest-ever general manager of Chevrolet and was soon hobnobbing with Hollywood stars. He dumped his first wife to marry Kelly Harmon, a 20-year-old model, only to divorce again and marry jet-setter Cristina Ferrare. When DeLorean took to wearing bell-bottoms and had plastic surgery on his face, his new style did not find favor with the bigwigs at General Motors, and he was forced out in 1973. He later blasted GM in a bestselling book, On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors.

DeLorean set out to build his own company and a dream sports car. With Great Britain offering amazing incentives, and with money from celebrities such as Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr., he created the DeLorean Motor Company and built a striking stainless steel sports car with gull-wing doors. Although quite popular at first, the cars had some problems, and, when a recession hit in 1981, the company was left reeling.

According to DeLorean's account, it was at this time that James Hoffman, an acquaintance in California who was actually a convicted felon-turned-government informant, told him he could find investors to save the company. Claiming that he didn't know it was a drug deal until it was too late, DeLorean said he was afraid to back out. Despite what many believed to be an open and shut case, which even included a videotape of the drug deal, the jury believed that DeLorean had been entrapped by the government. In 1984, even without his own testimony, he was acquitted.

However, DeLorean's legal troubles didn't end there. In 1985, he was indicted for racketeering, fraud, and tax evasion, all of which he escaped with an acquittal. He died from a stroke at the age of 80, on March 19, 2005.

With less than 10,000 ever produced, the DeLorean sports car is now a collector's car; a large percentage of them are still in operation and on the roads.
(Read More About DeLorean)

Craiglist Missed Connection: Chilvary ISN'T Dead

To the young, mexican brunette runner - m4w - 31 (University/ 32nd st.)

Date: 2009-10-18, 6:41PM PDT
Reply to:
Hi, I doubt you will ever see this, but if you do, I'd like to apologize to you about my coworkers. We are the construction workers that are building across the street from CVS. We see you run by three or four times a week, and without fail, someone always yells at you or flirts with you while you jog past. You never reply, and you always ignore it, but I can tell by the look on your face that it bothers you. I want you to know that you are absolutely beautifull.So you know this is you, you have dark hair, and light tan skin, and you have bangs and you always waer these little shorts. All the guys think yiou are pretty, but Im the only one that doesnt yell when you run by. If youd like to get coffee sometime, or even dinner or a movie, id lovve to be able to take you. Im 31 and a construction worker, i make pretty decent money and most important, i am a gentleman. Please email if this is you.

* Location: University/ 32nd st.
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1427481463

Friday, October 16, 2009

'God Hates Fags' People invading SD Today!

As you may have heard, the Westboro Baptist Church is coming to San Diego TODAY to spread their words of hate with those who have no interest or desire to hear it.

Check the lunacy on the Westboro Baptist Church Website

The church’s “Quit Telling Kids it’s OK to be Fags” demonstration will take place Today, Friday 16th, 2009 from 2:10 P.M. - 3:00 P.M at San Diego High School.

A myspace friend's bulletin is proposing that we are there armed with our voices and any other musical instrument - be it a guitar, drums, flute, whistle, kazoo, banjo, tambourine... anything that is used to make noise!
If our love is loud enough their hate will be silenced!

Here are a few things to keep in mind!:
We are there to support those who are being targeted.
We do not want to argue with anyone from the Westboro Church or their supporters for if we do so our message of love and tolerance will become contradicted.
Violence is not an option.

If everyone is positive there is no way we can not be heard.

If you have any questions or other ideas email: alexminors@​gmail.​com


The Muslims Hit San Diego Again, It's About Time...

And sadly The Muslims (now the decidedly gayer named The Soft Pack, and yes I will mentioned this horrible name change every time I mention the band on this blog) aren't even headlining the Casbah show they are involved in tonite. Local nervous-breakdown-prone Waaves will be headlining the show. I'm just sad I missed the Halloween show he did in '08 at a Slaughterhouse House Party, and I don't mean that sarcastically, supposedly his music isn't built for large crowds (?)...

LINEUP: Wavves, The Soft Pack, Ganglians, The Beaters, Drug Wars in the Atari Lounge
VENUE: The Casbah
COST: $14

Where The Wild Things Are Opens Today


Dark Side of the Moon Cover Friday

According to an L.A. Times report, the Flaming Lips are set to follow-up their life- (and death)-affirming LP Embryonic with a full-album redo of Pink Floyd's gazillion-selling 1973 psych-rock classic Dark Side of the Moon.

The Lips version of Dark Side is a collaboration with the band Stardeath and White Dwarfs (which includes Wayne Coyne's nephew Dennis Coyne as a member), and features guest spots from Henry Rollins and Peaches. It will most probably be an iTunes-only release.

Dub Side of the Moon is a dub reggae tribute to the Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of the Moon, by the Easy Star All-Stars. Included with the liner notes are instructions on how to synchronize the album with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and produce a variation of the perceived "Dark Side of the Rainbow" effect. The album has sold over 85,000 copies thus far and Easy Star All-Stars have been regularly touring in support of the album.