Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Does this Mean?

I saw this bumper sticker while driving through OB the other day.

"You Kiss You Pay"

I thought it meant if you rear ended or hit the car they would definitely make you pay for it. You know how you when you punch someone in the face the old school phrase was "Punch you in the kisser"? But that doesn't really work...

You Down Wit O.P.P.??

Or do you not even know what that means??

Wikipedia Will Clear It Up:

“O.P.P.” is a 1991 song recorded by rap group Naughty by Nature. The song made it to the U.S. Top Ten (peaking at #6), propelling their self titled album Naughty by Nature to platinum status.
The title is an acronym for “other people’s property”; when the song asks if the listener is “down with O.P.P.”, it's asking if he/she is willing to have sexual relations with a person who is known to already have a significant other. Lead rapper Treach coyly obscures the meaning of the second “P” (which is meant to refer to either “pussy” or “penis”) using euphemisms throughout the song saying – instead of pussy – that it is “another way to call a cat a kitten” or – instead of penis – a “five-letter word rhyming with cleanness or meanness.” In the lyrics following, the rap defines the second “P” as “property” to “do it sorta properly.”

Subway Tops Freaking McDonalds!?!

By year's end, Subway will become the world's largest fast-food chain in terms of locations, Advertising Age reports. Currently, Subway has 31,771 locations, compared to McDonald's with 32,158. However, no matter when Subway becomes the number one store unit leader, it will lag far behind McDonald's in terms of overall sales. “You need about five or six Subways to equal one McDonald's in terms of sales,” said Dennis Lombardi, executive vice president of food service at WD Partners. The average U.S. McDonald's realized $2.3 million in sales per store last year; the average Subway generated $445,000, according to Technomic.
Read The Rest

NOTE: I guess those $5 foot longs really boosted their sales up! In recession time cheap and convenient food is VERY important, but McDonald's is just as cheap and fast. The real reason people go to Subway is because it makes them feel healthy. Problem is, after you add a foot of BREAD, mayo and cheese and extra sauce to cover that foot of bread and any extra meat or bacon you are eating the same amount of calories as a Big Mac. Also, the vegetables at Subway are SEVERELY and deeply genetically modified. This means scientists have created their veggies in a lab using viruses to change the way a bell pepper grows. Enjoy your virus vegetables and gross bread.


Read Past Sticks and Stones Post on Subway

Whip It, Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut

I gotta say, this looks kinda good guys!! Drew, Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, think I saw Eve in the trailer and many more. Worth a try at least huh? Ladies, well go for the heart warming coming of age story and men you go for the hot balls out chick fights.

NOTE: Rumor has it that in early production fav SD band Grand Ole Party was in talks to be the band that plays in a house party scene in the movie!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hilarious Terms

You know when you are forced to fart when other people are around, like a cocktail paryt or art show? Well many people try to fart and then walk away but every now and then it fucking trails after you creating a sea of acrid air behind you. Here are two terms I heard at stand up comedy that describe this very instance:

-Clicking and Dragging

-Disciples (LOVE IT!!)


(Saw "fart and part" and "Farting Gift" on the Urban Dictionary!)

10 Secret Fast Food Menu's

Some of the secret items you can order from the various fast food haunts below are a secret because they are down right shameful. Yes, you can order as many patties at In and Out as you want, and yes, some gluttonous schmuck in Las Vegas ordered 100 patties. Oh America...


1. If you're at Starbucks and in need of just a little caffeine, don't worry -- there's a tiny option for you. It's the Short size, and they don't advertise it. It's like a little baby cup of coffee.

2. I Because it's considered a health-food chain, Jamba Juice doesn't officially list these on their in-store menus, but the Web site Mighty Foods assures us that the secret flavors exist.

The ones they confirmed with the company's headquarters include Strawberry Shortcake, White Gummy Bear, PB&J, Various flavors of Starbursts, Fruity Pebbles, Push-Up Pops, and Skittles. Other tantalizing flavors that are rumored to exist: Chocolate Gummi Bear, Apple Pie, Sourpatch Kid, Tootsie Roll, and Now and Later.

3. This one might be my favorite. At Fatburger, you can order a Hypocrite -- a veggie burger topped with crispy strips of bacon.

4. Chipotle has a whole secret menu that is limited only by your imagination -- they have a store policy that says that if they have the item available, they will make it for you. Things that have been tested include nachos, quesadillas, taco salads and single tacos. Some stores are testing out quesadillas as a regular menu item, however, so maybe someday soon you won't need a super-secret handshake to order one.

5. If you're at Wendy's and you're really hungry -- like, three-patties-just-won't-cut-it hungry -- go ahead and order the Grand Slam, which is four patties stacked on a bun. This option is only available at select Wendy's, and it's also known as the Meat Cube. (A MEAT CUBE!?!? Barf.)

6. Several places, including McDonald's and In-N-Out, will serve you the Neapolitan milkshake. It's just what it sounds like -- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes layered in a cup.

7. In-N-Out Burger's "secret menu" isn't so secret these days -- in fact, they've posted it on their Web site. (See screen shot below!)

8. Feeling a little health-conscious at Popeye's? If you are, you really should have gone somewhere else. But there's a little hope for you -- ordering "naked chicken" will get you breading-free poultry. The word is that this is on the menu at some Popeye's, but not all of them, although it is an option at all of them.

9. Like Chipotle, Taco Bell will make you just about anything within reason as long as they have the ingredients for it. Since most of the food at Taco Bell is made out of the same basic items, that means you can probably ask for most discontinued items and get them. One "secret," though, is that they have a not-advertised green chili sauce at most locations, and apparently it's excellent.

10. Some Subways will still make you the popular pizza sub from the 1990s. Once the chain decided to make their focus healthy eating, the pizza sub disappeared from the menu in most places (the word is that Canadian and Mexican Subways still offer them on a regular basis). But if you ask, lots of places will still make it for you. Be warned, though -- Jared would not approve of the nine slices of pepperoni and copious amounts of cheese slathered in marinara sauce

The Real Men of Genius Commercials...

...are fucking hilarious. Well written, funny, old school. Did you know former Survivor singer Dave Bickler sings those? I love hearing all the new ones, I had no idea there were so many! Check out the Wikipedia site for all the commercial titles!

2007 commercials

* Mr. Automatic Tax Extension Filer
* Mr. Baseball Stadium Glove Wearing Guy
* Mr. Basketball Shoe Designer
* Mr. Blue Aluminum Bottle Maker
* Mr. Chazz Michael Michaels (re-release of 2001's Mr. Professional Figure
Skater, but specially branded for the 2007 film, Blades of Glory)
* Mr. Chicago Bears Fan
* Mr. Doggy Day Spa Operator
* Mr. Good Luck Chuck Wedding Guest Number Four
* Mr. Local Texas Football Hero Guy
* Mr. Overly Competitive Touch Football Game Player
* Mr. Over-Zealous Foul ball Catcher
* Mr. Oxygen Bar Inventor
* Mr. Professional Sports Leg Cramp Rubber Outer
* Mr. Refuses To Turn On His Air Conditioning Guy
* Mr. Retired Professional Football Player
* Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller
* Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy
* Mr. Taxi Cab Over Accesorizer
* Mr. Tollbooth Collector
* Mr. T-Shirt Launcher Inventor
* Mr. Unathletic Sports Radio Talk Show Host

2008 commercials

* Mr. Rain Delay Tarp Roller Outer
* Mr. Golf Tournament Quiet Sign Holder Upper
* Mr. Football Endzone Painter
* Mr. Football First Down Marker Guy
* Mr. Over Competitive Touch Football Player
* Mr. SUV Super Stretch Limo Maker
* Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller

2009 commercials

* Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy
* Mr. Timecard Checker Guy
* Mr. Overly Loud Car Stereo Guy
* Mr. Free Hook-Up Seeker Outer

The Awesome All Black Apartment

Frequent TED speaker and international advertising consultant Cindy Gallop opens the doors to her unusual apartment in Manhattan, an all-black space filled to the brim with curios and novel objets d'art from far-flung locations.

Facebooks Headquarters


Monday, September 28, 2009


LOS ANGELES--SEPTEMBER 28, 2009-- This morning JetBlue
launched a one-day sale with low fares from Long Beach and
Las Vegas starting at just $24 each way.

The sale is good for Tuesday-Wednesday flights, Oct. 6 -
Dec. 16. All tickets must be BOOKED BY TONIGHT at 11:59PM MDT.

Sample fares from Long Beach (each way):
- San Jose ... $24
- Las Vegas ... $29
- Oakland ... $29
- San Francisco ... $29
- Sacramento ... $39
- Seattle ... $39
- Portland ... $49
- Salt Lake City ... $49
- Austin ... $79

Sample fares from Las Vegas (each way):
- Burbank ... $29
- Long Beach ... $29
- New York City ... $99
- Boston ... $99

JetBlue flights feature leather seating, unlimited snacks
and 36 channels of free DirecTV. Plus, the first checked bag
is free on all JetBlue flights.

People are dying and suffering, we need health care!

This PSA is hilarious and hits home. The rich shouldn't be the only ones who get health care, act now, write and call your legislators!!

I know I might be late but "House" is Good

People had been saying it for awhile but I watched the Season opener and was pleasantly surprised. It was basically a movie, 90 minutes or so long. Comedy, Love, Tragedy, Pain, Betrayal, Sincerity, Catharsis and Renewal all rolled into one ball? Well that's House for you, ok, at least the opener. With no idea of the back story it was STILL a great episode. Now I gotta decide if I want to go back and watch the rest of the seasons...

HOUSE is on Fox on Mondays 8/7c

Priceless Red-Light-Radar Ticket

Telling Husband you're going out for the night with the "Girls".... $0.00.

Red Leather Jacket for night out with the "Girls"... $200.00.

Getting a Radar photo ticket while out with the "Girls"... $145.00+

Having husband open the mailed radar ticket, looking at the "photo proof" and seeing you, his dear wife, with another man's dick in her hand.


Junior High Diaper Blues

My friends three year old son is afraid of pooping in the toilet and still wears diapers. It's freaking her out. I can't believe the shit (literally) that parents commit their life to. She was looking on parenting message boards about her plight and came across this creepy gem of a post:

From The Med Help Website:
My daughter is 14 and still wears diapers sometimes. I dont ridiclue her ,as she is old enough to know what she is doing. I do let her know that I am OK with it and that she doesn't have to hide them. We talk about it some and she just says she likes them. She only has them on when she is alone or with me- not among friends. I don't change her or anything encouraging like that. I dont see any harm in just letting her do what she wants. Where did this habit come from??? I have no idea, she was potty trained at 18 months. She began to wet her bed at about 6 years old, so I had her in diapers at night. Then I would also find her in them during the day, and she has continued with that habit to now. We order her diapers on line. We live alone and she is an only child.
What does concern me is that she asked for Molicares. When they came, I looked at them. These are big, bulky ones made for longer wear. Last weekend, she stayed in the same diaper all day. I could smell foul smelling poop. Now Im concerned.


On This Day In History: Miles Davis Dies

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis dies in Santa Monica, California, at age 65 in 1991. The son of a St. Louis dentist, Davis began playing trumpet at age 13 and was playing with local jazz bands by his late teens. He moved to New York to study at Julliard and became roommates with saxophone great Charlie Parker. Davis struggled with heroin addiction but kicked the habit by 1954, the year he began releasing successful singles, including "Blue 'n' Boogie" and "Walkin'." He assembled a jazz group called the Miles Davis Quintet, which became enormously popular, releasing classic albums like Round Midnight (1956). In the 1960s, Davis became interested in rock and began fusing jazz and rock to create an innovative sound. His 1969 album Bitches Brew was a major hit. Davis continued to produce popular recordings until his 60s. He died of pneumonia and other ailments.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Cool Night at The Kava Lounge Tonite!!

Do you like to dance?? Do you like to watch people dance?? Do you like hip hop?? Do you like to drink?? Do you like to have fun?? Answer yes to any of these questions and you should be at the event below TONITE! It's only $5 and it's guaranteed fun! Where else can you see SoCal hip hop in a fun, open setting for this cheap? Kava lounge has awesome drinks and the MC's and DJ's of this night really know how to turn it out!!

Adams Avenue Street Fair, this weekend!

This annual event, California's largest free music festival, showcases 70 musical acts playing on six stages set along Adams Avenue between 35th Avenue and Bancroft Street in Normal Heights. Full-scale giant carnival rides, more than 300 arts & crafts vendors, foods galore, three beer gardens, a ton of kids' activities.

Check out the ridiculously bland and non informative Adams Avenue Website here

More Bizzare Pictures from My Friend in Sweden

---The idea of pads for men might disturb some dudes but as for us ladies? I think it might be nice to go down on a guy with fresh odor controlled balls for once...

---Maybe this would work as a nice diet aid. Chocolate isn't as appetizing when likened too the sound that poop makes when dropping into the toilet...

Dissecting My Aunt's Favorite Poem

I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its decor.

NOTE: What kind of person goes into Heaven pissed off and completely disenchanted with it? Ok, this is either a personal problem (you just missed going to hell!) or Heaven is about as exciting and appealing as a JC Penney's department store.

But it was the folks in Heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp-
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash.

NOTE: WHOA!! Judgmental pricks like this get into Heaven? What, the poet has never sinned or lied? And how is this poet able to call someone trash? Also, I kept thinking, how can you tell who people are when everyone is in a white robe (or has the reccession made it so that you have to wear what you die in for the rest of eternity in Heaven?) and why does prejudice, lack of grace and such an anti-acceptance attitude exist in Heaven or someone who goes to Heaven?

There stood the kid from seventh grade
Who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
Who never said anything nice.

NOTE: Anybody else have a feeling that the poem writer never said anything nice to the neighbor either?

Herb, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell,
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
Looking incredibly well.

NOTE: Whoa you wished Herb to rot in Hell for not kissing your ass!? What kind of sick...

I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal?
I would love to hear Your take.
How'd all these sinners get up here?
God must've made a mistake.

NOTE: OMG! What a total prick! He actually went up to Jesus to complain and make a stink and whine. Real quality cast of characters we got up there in Heaven. I've met better people at downtown military douche haunt Moose McGillycuddy's...ok I have never been there but it sounds like this poets version of Heaven...

'And why's everyone so quiet,
So somber - give me a clue.'
'Hush, child, ' He said, 'they're all in shock.
No one thought they'd be seeing you.'

NOTE: BOOYA. So it looks like this asshole is no more worthy than the rest of the people he's been hating on in the TEN minutes or so he's been in Heaven, spared from Hell. Heaven sounds like a heap of people who probably never acted in a Christ-Like Manner. Whatever that is...I mean people are just standing around judging everyone and whispering, quiet and pissed off until Jesus, like a supernatural Simon Cowell, tells them they are lame like the rest of everyone else?


Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a
Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car ..

NOTE: The Bible ALSO teaches that being a good person, taking care of people, doing good for the world won't make you a Christian either. There are amazing Muslims, Mormons, Jews, and Atheist everywhere who supposedly are going to rot in Hell while people like the asshole poet above and the "trash" in Heaven look down on them. It is what you SAY that gets you into Heaven, NOT what you DO. Basically, "I Can live forever because I think that the only God that is real is Jesus Christ"

Note: The word poet and poem are use in a sarcastic and patronizing manner in this post.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Research Confirms That Drinking Offers Same Benefits As Yoga

(Not only are these tragically hilarious but try them, they actually DO do what they say)
Position of total relaxation.

Position that brings the sensation of peace and calm.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
This position calms the brain and heals tired legs.

Position stimulates the midriff area and the spinal column.

Excellent for back pain and insomnia.

Excellent for the shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms.

Great excessive to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms.

Ananda Balasana
This position is great for massaging the hip area.

This position, for ankles and back muscles.

It would be pretty funny if...

...a gay couple was actually named Adam and Steve. Hopefully they and their friends/family would get a huge kick out of that!

(This thought stems from mulling over the ridiculous anti-gay argument of Christians that states "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve")

On This Day In History: Nevermind is released

From Wikipedia:
Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind was the group's first release on DGC Records. Frontman Kurt Cobain sought to make music outside of the restrictive confines of the Seattle grunge scene, drawing influence from groups such as the Pixies and its use of loud/quiet song dynamics.

Despite low commercial expectations by the band and its record label, Nevermind became a surprise success in late 1991, largely due to the popularity of its first single, "Smells Like Teen Spirit". By January 1992, it had replaced Michael Jackson's album Dangerous at number one on the Billboard charts. The Recording Industry Association of America has certified the album ten times platinum (10 million copies shipped). Nevermind was responsible for bringing alternative rock to a large mainstream audience, and critics subsequently regarded it as one of the best rock albums of all time.

Who DOESN'T love the Single Ladies video??

Probably no one. Beyonce has quickly turned from the distant, uptight snotty Diva image to the heal the world, lovable super star. She gave Taylor Swift her moment in the spotlight back at the VMA's and she sang a heartbreakingly tender song to a dying child at one of her concerts abroad. Now even little babies are joining Team Beyonce, check out this babies moves to Single Ladies!!

Beyonce Singing to Girl in Sydney Australia

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seth Green, Funny since he was the 80's "annoying kid brother" cliche!

I love Seth Green, he's pretty hilarious. Does a great job as the voice of Chris on "Family Guy" and was funny as the son of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movie. I was watching classic 80's teen movie "Can't Buy Me Love" and it wasn't till the credits that I realized the smart ass/annoying kid brother in the movie was Seth Green! Other appearances include now famous Dr. McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey. And as a disclaimer, I think the show Grey's Anatomy can go to hell. It's really a peice of shit series. But Patrick Dempsey IS pretty hot in Can't Buy Me Love...

Is This Dance Party Worthy!?! Wednesdays at Henry's!!

Ok so Henry's boasts that their dance party on Wednesday is fun and they spin all the best Dance Hits. In my seven years in San Diego I have only danced my ass off to a stellar soundtrack maybe 9 times, and 3 of those were my or my friends doing. Somebody try it out and let me know!! The pictures made it look fun, I've had a great time dancing to Lady Dottie and the Diamonds there before and it's FREE!!!

Come party with a collection of San Diego's best local bands followed by a shakedown party with the SD Mixmasters. Plus, a big party at on the last Wednesday of every month!


Sarah Silverman, WHY!?!?

Perez Hilton called her out already but can I add??

Read Perez Hilton's take on Coco Perez

My Take:
-Ball gowns like this should only exist in Disney Movies
-How they made a gorgeous thin girl with big boobs look fat is more of a work of art than this dress will EVER be.
-Steamer? Iron? Dry Cleaning? No?
-Sarah Silverman has a great rack but you'd never know with this boob camouflaging disaster.
-Double dose of hips please! Sarah doesn't even have big hips but I guess she got some on loan from Betty Boop for the event...
-Hair. Half up half down ponytail?! Come on! At least if you're going to wear your hair like a 17 year old girl from the Midwest you can BRUSH IT! It's lumpy and bumpy and looks like you just woke up!

My question to Sarah Silverman: Did you wake up hungover in the Disneyland parking lot after your shift as the Belle Character before you came to this event? And how many times did you drunkenly ride Space Mountain before you blacked out?

Crystal Renn, Then Or Now??

Ad America's waist line is collectively growing and changing so are the figures in media, they have to, the norm no longer dictates that women have to be stick figures to be considered beautiful. Which, I'd like to note, has not always been the case, in fact save for the Twiggy fad in the 60's and heroin chic in the 90's being curvy and buxom has always been the rage. I read an article by past skinny model and current plus size model Crystal Renn, she wrote a book about what it was like to starve herself to stay thin, being near to death and having people STILL tell her she was too fat. Well look at her now, absolutely sexy, drop dead gorgeous. And doesn't look like you could crack her over your knee!

Which do you find more beautiful and why?

Read the whole article from, HERE

Sept. 15, 2009 | When Crystal Renn was 14 years old, a modeling scout showed up at her charm school (yes, really) in Clinton, Miss., showed her a picture of supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and said, "That could be you." There was only one catch: The healthy, 5-foot-9, 165-pound cheerleader would need to shave 9 inches off her 43-inch hips to get work.

In her new memoir, "Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition, and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves" (co-written with Marjorie Ingall), Renn tells the story of how she lost 70 pounds and landed a quarter-million-dollar modeling contract at 16 -- which was not her happy ending but the gateway to her personal hell. Renn developed anorexia and exercise bulimia, subsisting for years on "lettuce with a side of batshit," and joining two gyms so that no one would notice her working out up to eight hours a day.

And still, it was not enough. Dangerously underweight at 98 pounds, Renn took a test photo for her agency in which her collarbone juts out like a shelf and her arms look about as strong as pussy willows. Her agent's opinion: "You're too heavy here." It only got worse when, despite her continued starvation and obsessive exercise, she began gaining back the weight. After she hit Size 4, the then 18-year-old was hauled into her agency for a come-to-Jesus talk. Staring at a Polaroid of Renn in which she still looks utterly waifish to a layperson's eye, the agent declared, "The thighs need to come down."

Upon hearing that, writes Renn, "Something snapped." She quit working for that agency, and Ford Models soon signed her to their plus division -- accurately predicting that once Renn returned to her natural size, she'd be a superstar -- then waited patiently while she taught herself to eat again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Shows to Start or Continue Watching This Season

I don't advocate TV watching but if you find your ass in front of the tube, make the time worthwhile and check out these shows:

So bizzare and hilarious that I'm wondering if it's the next f-ing Friends (with way more anarchy and craziness and way less relationship issues)

COMMUNITY: Thursday at 9:30 on NBC (Right after The Office)
Just watched the series premiere and it is really funny! Great ensemble cast of little known loves and brand new talents.

THE OFFICE: Thursdays at 9 on NBC
Still hilarious and well acted. Yes, Pam and Jim's relationship is still incredibly annoying, but Pam is preggers and I can't wait for their perfect little world to get some cracks in it!

-Parks and Recreation: Yes we all love Amy Poehler and are rooting for co stars Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones but her moody intern character played by Aubray Plaza is annoying and the other parts are bland. The season opener was HILARIOUS though so maybe things will pan out...

-30 Rock: Ok so it cleaned up shop at The Emmy's but the seasons range in hilarity. One was bland, two was phenomenal, three was a shambles and we'll have to see about four...It is Alec Baldwin who keeps hope alive...

Zooey Deshanel and Ben Gibbard Marry

Whoever thought Ben Gibbards marriage would be in the tabloids? It's what happens when and indie rock star marries a shitty Hollywood actress with a cute dopey face and a smokey singing voice. But, yea I wish them the worst, and not because Zooey Deschanel has wasted my money when she ruins the movies I see her in, but because the worse they do, the better the next Death Cab album might be.

From People:
Zooey Deschanel, 29, and Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard, 33, tied the knot Saturday night near Seattle, her rep tells PEOPLE.

The couple got engaged last year when Gibbard presented Deschanel with a three-carat diamond and platinum Neil Lane ring, a source told PEOPLE at the time.

Whoa THREE carats?? That is soooooo not indie!! Where is the small diamond ring that belonged to Ben's great grandmother who brought it over from Turkey or something....

Leslie and the Lys, DIY Fame

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- It was five minutes before doors opened at Atlanta rock club The Earl, and Leslie Hall was backstage cramming her ample proportions into head-to-toe spandex.

She straightened the stuffed white tigers mounted to her shoulders. Blasted her towering blond, bouffant with another spritz of Aquanet and sprayed Febreze on the sweatier regions of a size-16 costume that was definitely dry clean-only.

"This is my Britney Spears-inspired circus outfit," said Hall, tracing her fingers along the lion tamer piping of the gold lamé onesie. "My mom made a plus-size one for me to wear."

Hall insists that, quirks and all, she's just another pop star.

"I think Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, we're all doing the same thing," she said, pushing oversized spectacles up the bridge of her nose.

But in the next sentence the 210-pound white rapper -- who lives with her parents in Ames, Iowa -- pitched her new plan to help make ends meet. She's begun marrying gay couples in a mobile museum heretofore dedicated solely to the celebration of gaudy, gem-bedecked sweaters.

In her own uniquely random manner of speaking, Hall calls the offering the "Gem Sweater Wedding of Grands," a package she has posted on her Web site and tailored to members of her gay-friendly fan base.
Check out the official website for Leslie and The Lys

Leslie and the Lys: "Beat Dazzler"

You Crazy Swedes!!

A good friend of mine moved to Sweden awhile ago and sends me hilarious pictures from around town, check out this latest installment!!

Um, where do I get a pair...

Anything that says anything remotely close to boner is funny.

The same is not as true for pussy...

Not even spelled right, variations of the F word make us chuckle

This is at a high end dishware store in my friends hood and has been up for months.

Swedish men like their ladies nethers to smell like produce apparently.

The evening local newscaster. Apparently emo still lives there...

Look very closely...there's people screwing on those fuzzy dice!

My friend loves glam so she took this haha