Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update" The Old Spaghetti Factory Gaslmap- ITS OPEN NOW

YES, now a place I can afford to eat downtown besides Pokez or Lotus (during lunch special time) I just read in the San Diego Business Journal that Dussini's is turning BACK into The Old Spaghetti Factory!! They are owned by the same Portland based restaurant group and the switch was originally made because they thought the current higher end entity would do better in the up and coming San Diego downtown landscape. But peeps be poor now! I'm so excited!! They have their famous "Complete Meal" that comes with bread and awesome garlic butter before your meal. You then get an entree, soup or salad, a drink and the best part, ice cream, all for one low price! I can almost taste the spumoni....oh my god and their insane cheese mizithra! All you job seekers take note! While they will be keeping their bar staff they are looking for other workers!!

-Other Downtown Eatery News:
Max's on 5th is closing
Sun Cafe is turning into a Mexican food restaurant

Read the Article at San Diego Business Journal

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Danielle said...

I was just thinking about The Old Spaghetti factory the other day. Why is their Spumoni the best in the world (even though it probably comes from a carton)?! I thought I'd have to wait til my next trip to Portland. But, nope. Yay, yay, yay!