Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creepy Vague Christian Propaganda

My first reaction was, how much did these mail inserts cost to make and then send to thousands of people and how could that have affected out of work citizens with near starving children? My second reaction was that there was NO mention of God, pretty important for a Christian church right? Why is the best tactic of getting people to sign up for Christianity to be as vague as possible about their CORE beliefs? That's what cults do too. If it is the TRUTH then how come you have to be duped into believing it?? How come you have to be seemingly tricked into it? Beware of inserts like these, eventually they'll make giving 10% of your money to them seem like a good idea and they'll make you feel better about yourself by urging you to compare yourself and hold yourself in higher esteem than everyone else you know. Donating Blood is Cool though, but you can do it at the Red Cross Center in Bankers Hill on Upas and 5th.

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