Friday, February 6, 2009


Just proves you can partake in the herb AND be a world renowned and lauded Olympian. GET OVER IT AMERICA, IT'S A PLANT LESS HARMFUL THAN CIGARETTES, ALCOHOL and TRANS FATS!!!


whateveryouwantittosay said...

But then again, this is all after the fact (the Olympics).
As an athlete, I can say that I've definitely felt the detrimental effects of smoking, competitively speaking.

I agree that people should get over it. But I also think that there is a time and place for everything, and preparing for the Olympics is def not the time to light one up. I haven't been on top of the story, so perhaps he's been smoking all along. But, more so, I imagine that after winning 8 shiny ones, he decided that it was time to kick back and enjoy.

Sticks and Stones said...

In many cases athletes have said that smoking hampers their breathing capacity. In other cases you have doctors prescribing marijuana for the alleviation of asthma symptoms. I used to outrigger canoe and we'd win every race we smoked before. It depends on the person I suppose. But I think the argument lies in the villainization. This is a guy who got a DUI we didn't hear much about ( of course this was after the Athens games where made less of a "splash"). THATS what, if anything should be focused on. THAT put his life and the life of others in danger. And by the way, the guy who took the picture was interviewed and he said Phelps handled the bong like a "champ". I think he is a toker for sure. He swims all day long and has to eat 12,000 calories a day!! He'll he might even need weed to be able to eat that much!!!