Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Tickets!!

E-Mail The Blog at and I'll let you know where to pick up FREE tickets only blocks from the venue. I think I have about 5-8 of them!!

This week 4 THE DJ brings to you a special event:

DirtyBird featuring Claude Von Stroke & Worthy

DirtyBird is not only one of Claude Von Stroke's labels, it is a party that happens in only select cities of the world and 4 THE DJ is bringing it to San Diego!

Claude Von Stroke is currently of the world's most famous producer/DJ's and Worthy is following right behind him!

This show is a MUST see.

There's going to be birthday's, live video production, and music that is shaping the scene! LET'S GO!

1st 200 People FREE

$5 Vodka Rockstars ALL NIGHT LONG!

$5 Well before 11pm

$4 Drinks Specials before 10pm


5 Different Rooms of Music

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